Affiliate Commission Policy

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FUN88 Affiliate Revenue Share

1. You will earn an initial rate of up to 35% revenue share under the Fun88 Affiliate Program as provided below. The more real money players & revenue you generate, the more you will earn. You will be paid a recurring profit from your players month after month for as long as their gaming activity continues and your Agreement with Fun88 remains valid and subsisting as per its terms and conditions.

2. We will pay you a revenue share which is a percentage of the total monthly Net Revenue from play on our site generated as a result of all Real Money Players you refer to under the Agreement. The more Real Money Players you refer and the more revenue these players generate, the more you will earn. You will be paid a recurring profit from your players month after month for as long as their gaming activity continues and your agreement with us remains valid and has not been terminated in accordance with its terms.


We have a Multi-Tier Commission Structure:

Total Sportsbook, Virtual, Live Casino and Slot Net Win for the Month (From The First Day To The Last Day Of Each Month) Minimum Active Players Directly under You to Qualify Your Commission Percentage Rate
Rs 1 – 380,000 10 20%
Rs 380,001 - Rs 2,280,000 20 30%
> Rs 2,280,000 40 35%
Total Poker Revenue for the Month (from the first day to the last day of each month) Minimum Active Players Directly under You to Qualify Your Commission Percentage Rate
Rs 1 – 760,000 10 15%
Rs 760,001 - Rs 1,900,000 20 20%
Rs 1,190,001 – 3,800,000 40 25%
>Rs 3,800,000 40 35%
Exchange - Valid Bet Amount (From The First Day To The Last Day Of Each Month) Minimum Active Players Directly under You to Qualify Your Commission Percentage Rate
Rs 1 – 380,000 10 0.25%
Rs 380,001 - Rs 2,280,000 20 0.5%
> Rs 2,280,000 40 0.75%
New First Time Depositors (Except Exchange & Poker Players) Your Bonus Commission Percentage Rate
1 – 15 2%
16 - 50 3%
> 50 5%

Please note: Apart from the number of the active players mentioned in the above table that the affiliate must meet, you should also ensure that every player you have referred to is a genuine active player in Fun88. Fun88 has set a series of standards to audit the quality of every player. If you fail in meeting the standards, your commission money will not be paid out.

3. Application of monthly commission percentage is by scale.The commission percentage will increase if Net Revenue and Minimum Active Players also increase. You will earn a revenue share based on the income generated from your referred Real Money Players. “Net Revenue” is defined as:

• Gross winnings of Sportsbook + Virtual + Live Casino + Slot - Player bonuses - Player payment fee - Admin cost = Net Winnings 1

(Net Winnings 1) *Commission X% = Net Earning 1

• Net revenue of Poker – Player bonuses – Player payment fee – Admin cost = Net Winnings 2

(Net Winnings 2) *Commission X% = Net Earning 2

• Exchange (total valid bet amount) * Commission X% – Player bonuses – Player payment fee – Admin cost= Net Earning 3

Net Earnings 1 + Net Earnings 2 + Net Earnings 3 + Sub Affiliate Earnings = (Total Net Earnings)

4. Your revenue share will be reviewed every month and is subject to an upgrade or downgrade depending on the scale rate. To be entitled to your revenue share, you need to maintain a minimum of ten (10) active Real Money Players per month.

5. CPA Deals - In this case, it will work on Fixed Budget or Fixed number of FTDs along with the other terms which will be mentioned by Fun88 Affiliate Manager.

5.1 If you are eligible to receive a CPA payment as per the terms agreed between you and Fun88, you will receive a one-time CPA payment by Fun88 in its sole discretion for every New Customer you refer who meets the following qualifications apart from the other agreed terms:

5.2 The customer should meet the age and territory requirements to lawfully register an account on Fun88 site and participate in online gambling activity.

5.3 The customer should create account with Fun88 and open an account subject to Fun88 Site's terms and conditions; and

5.4 The customer deposits the minimum required amount and meets the minimum wagering activity requirements, as mentioned by Fun88.

5.5 Where a Chargeback is received against a New Customer, or issuance of a credit to a New Customer occurs, the Affiliate will not be eligible for CPA Payment in respect of that New Customer, and any CPA Payment previously made to you in respect of such New Customer will be deducted from future payments due to you.

5.6 We will not pay any CPA if the affiliate’s player files a Charge back.

6. Hybrid Deals - In this case, CPA will be paid as per the agreed Terms & Conditions and the same goes for Revenue Share. Once the deal is over you are not entitled for any CPA, however, Rev share is entitled for a period of 6 months or as discussed between the parties where in the activity must be there in your account with a minimum of 10 new players.

7.If you fail to continuously promote the Site by having no new signups and/or removal of Fun88 banners in your affiliate site, this will be deemed as a breach of contract and will automatically lead to termination of this Agreement and any further claims on future revenue share are deemed waived.

8. Fun88 Sub-Affiliate - The table below gives an example to show you how your commission earned from your referred affiliates is calculated. Suppose you have referred 10 affiliates and each of your referred affiliates also brings in 10 affiliates and so on. You will get 10% from each of your affiliates' commission. Your referred affiliates will get 10% from their referred affiliates, which will contribute to your commission as well. For example, you refer affiliate A who refers affiliate B who then refers C. If C earns a commission of Rs1,000,000 this month, 10% of this Rs1,000,000 which is Rs100,000 will be paid to B. Then, 10% of B's Rs100,000 will be paid to A, which is Rs10,000. Finally, 10% of A's Rs10,000 will be paid to you, which is Rs1,000. See the table below.

(Note: The decimal point is rounded off)

Sub Affiliate Sub Affiliate's Income Your Commission at 10% (Rs)
1 Affiliate A 690,000 69,000
2 Affiliate B 388,000 38,800
3 Affiliate C 500,000 50,000
4 Affiliate D 1,500,000 150,000
5 Affiliate E 0 0

Your sub affiliate commission will be : 69,000+38,800+50,000+150,000=307,800 Rs

Thus from the above chart and tables we can conclude that the more players you bring in to play and wager on our site and the more affiliates you refer to our site, the larger the commission you can expect to earn. So bring in as many players and affiliates as you can, you will be rewarded with an infinite commission.

*If you wish to introduce a sub-affiliate, feel free to contact us.

9. Deduction of the payments. If your players are involved in collusion or any other fraudulent issues, the manager of the Fun88 Affiliate Program has the right to deduct from your revenue share the withheld funds or remove the player’s account from your recorded referred players.

10. “Charge-back”: A credit/debit card holder discovers irregular transactions made on his/her Credit/Debit Card, which was not authorized by him/her. The credit/debit card holder then requests his/her bank to reverse these charges. Chargebacks relate to fraudulent use by a third party of the credit card holder’s card or card number.

10.1 Should your referred player process a chargeback, the disputed or charged-back revenue generated by your referred player will be forfeited and will not be included for purposes of computing the revenue share due to you for the current month.

10.2 Should this deduction of the accumulated revenue exceed your current amount due, your balance will then revert to a negative balance, and you will have to earn revenue to cover the charge-back before you can start earning revenue again.

10.3 Unlike with a player making a big win, which only lasts one month, a chargeback will stay due until the revenue generated by your other players has covered the amount due. We understand that this might be frustrating to the affiliates, but it has to be made clear that we can only pay you your revenue share from a percentage of your referred player’s profits and not for fraudulent revenue.

11. Revenue Share Payment. We will pay your commission by the middle of each month. However, an affiliate must earn a minimum of USD100 per payout for his commission to be processed and paid. Please let your affiliate manager know what currency you would like the payment to be processed in and if any transaction fee then it would be borne by the affiliate.

11.1 If the account is in the negative (i.e. customer winnings exceed customer loss), the negative amount will be carried over into the following month(s). Negative commission balances will be deducted from available commissions until the negative balance is cleared out. No payout will be issued until these criteria are met.

12. A processing fee will be deducted on bank wire payments to cover bank processing fees for affiliate pay-out balances of lower than USD200.

13. All payments will be paid in the currency of your choice when setting up your Affiliate Account. Where a currency conversion is required, the amount due will be converted using our currency rates at the time the revenue share was earned. Any change in currency must be submitted via a written request or an email to our Affiliate Managers. Any request via email must be done using affiliates’ registered email with the Affiliate Program only.

So, if you want to earn gambling commission by becoming an affiliate with us, feel free to  contact us to know our affiliate policy.

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